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We have a simple goal - to share our passion of leathercraft with the world, and make it easy to learn!

Through this, we hope to inspire people to throw away less, hand craft and repair more, and be emotionally connected to their hand crafted unique leather goods.

Our Story

We have been leathercrafting since 2012. When our search for a truly slim and minimalist wallet turned up fruitless, we decided to take matters into our own hands and design and make it ourselves! "This will be easy!" we thought...

Nearly one year later, after countless trips to the leather store, perusing of leathercraft books, bothering anyone we knew who had any skills, and a hefty investment in equipment, we had created our first wallet - the slim sleeve! Since then we have been hard at work creating other minimalist, simple leathergoods, designed to help make peoples lives simpler. Leathergoods which are available for purchase through our sister site J Tanner Australia - already constructed of course.

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Because of this journey, we know how rewarding the art of leathercraft can be. However, we also know too well that the cost for equipment to tan, dye, design, cut, and prepare the leather can be off-putting for newcomers. And if you decided to start by exploring some of the DIY kits that most leather stores sell, you will find they are usually bulky, obtrusive designs with few instructions - and when you have a question or need help, there is no one to ask.

That's why we founded J Tanner DE|CONSTRUCT|ED.

A collection of our favourite designs, prepared as simple, ready-to-stitch kits for all skill levels, with live-chat support and video resources to help you as you handcraft.

We love handmade, bespoke items, and the detail and dedication that goes into each product, no matter the artisan. Our hope is that through J Tanner DE|CONSTRUCT|ED we can share this love and inspire a new group of people passionate about handmade leathergoods!

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Ready-to-craft kits

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