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Caring for your new handcrafted leather product

Part of what makes your J Tanner product look and feel great is the natural materials we select, and the detail and effort you put into handcrafting it! As with all high-quality leather, your product will naturally darken over time as it ages with use, adding to the uniqueness.

While we love the look of a beautifully aged and used leather product, it is a good idea to try and not let the leather come in contact with water or oil, as this can miss-shape the product, weaken the stitching, and potentially darken or stain. It is also a good idea to avoid any dirt or foreign substances that could mark the leather if you are worried about it darkening too quick, as natural leather can easily absorb.

Additionally, sometimes the leather we use may have natural blemishes and marks. While this is rare, and usually limited to inner pieces, this is completely natural and adds to the uniqueness of your one of a kind product!

If you have just finished making one of our products you may find that the sleeve/pouch for your cards can be slightly tight to start with. Be assured that we test every design to ensure that they will hold the number of cards it is estimated. Being natural leather, it can sometimes take a day or two of use for the leather to mold to the perfect shape for your needs.

You can use regular leather cleaners and conditioners that are designed for handbags and accessories - just follow the manufacturers steps as directed.

Any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us.

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