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Combating Waste with Unique Hand Made Leather Goods

We LOVE helping people make unique and personalised leather goods! They make great gifts and the perfect companion for day to day life!

We believe in this day and age it has become too easy to throw items away and upgrade to the next new thing, and a big reason for this is because mass producing can reduce the emotional connection we feel for our products.

When people hand-craft their own leather goods, there is a sense of pride and accomplishment, not to mention a great story, that connects them to their item. And, with the skills they learn from hand-crafting their own product, they are also equipped to repair their product to extend the usefulness even further!

Making your product unique is easy! You could either get it personalised with a monogram, or your name. Or, you could choose a unique thread colour to contrast with the leather you are working with (available upon request).

One thing that always makes a product unique is the way you use it. Did you know, that as leather ages it forms what is called a patina - and this is a rich darkening/changing of the surface over time that matches how you have used your product.

Have ideas on how you could make your product even more unique? Let us know!

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